What are Presentations on the
State of the Economy?

Heidie Calero

Heidie Calero personally offers your clients, your management, or any special group, a live presentation on how the economy is performing. We use the latest available statistics and include our forecast on inflation, GNP growth, retail sales, and unemployment, among others.

We use state-of-the-art presentation equipment, and professionally-designed slide shows. The meeting is then, interactive and lively. We guarantee the presentations are easy to understand, avoiding economic jargon, and illustrating graphically the most complex concepts.

These conferences are free for the subscribers of our newsletter Puerto Rico Economic Pulse©.

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Who needs Presentations on the State of the Economy?

  • Firms sponsoring a special event – seminars, sales meetings, etc.- to enhance the contents of the activity.
  • Boards of Directors, or senior management to get a quick and deep flavor of current and future economic conditions or the economic impact of a particular legislation.

Ask for a live presentation.