Data analysis

Who needs a Market Study?

  • Firms planning to introduce a new product or open a new site, in Puerto Rico or abroad.
  • Business engaged in strategic planning and implementation process.
  • Business assessing their market position vis-a-vis the competition.

What is a Market Study?

Are you planning to enter a new market, in Puerto Rico or abroad?
Do you need to know if there is potential for a new service or product?

Then, you should conduct a market study to assess the likelihood of success.

A market study gathers all the data available on specific economic sectors and defines the market potential, market trend, future growth, major players, and other important data. If necessary, we conduct surveys to collect primary information.

We can assist you in selecting a site for a business or evaluating the potential for different sites. We use sophisticated models based on GIS (Geographical Information Systems) or electronic maps. These maps are fed with economic and demographic data, construction permits, car distance to the competition, and size of business around the possible sites. We have developed the Market Potential Index, a proprietary mathematical model that calculates the business potential for each site.


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Abstracts of some Market Studies

Business Plan for IHOP Restaurant at Premium Outlets and Plaza Las Américas
Cousins International

This is a feasibility study for two IHOP restaurants to be located in two shopping malls in Puerto Rico. HCCG prepared a competitive analysis and demand model to forecast sales for each location.

Market Study and Opportunities for a New Bank

International bank based in Caracas, Venezuela, wanted to assess the opportunities of establishing operations on Puerto Rico. HCCG prepared a report on the outlook of the Puerto Rican economy and the local financial industry.

Market Study for Assisted Living
Stella Maris Church

HCCG conducted a market study for the development of a residential complex of assisted living for seniors with high income in the Condado area, where the Stella Maris Church is located. The study was based on focus groups, demographic trends, and a demand model.