What is an Economic Forecast?

economic forecast graphic

What will be the growth of apparel sales within the next two years? Will consumer expenses continue growing next year? When will bankruptcies level off? Will interest rates remain low in the coming months?
Instead of a crystal ball, we use selected econometric models to interpret past trends and forecast economic variables using HCCG, Inc.’s proprietary economic model.

Who needs an Economic Forecast?

• Comptrollers and people engaged in preparing budgets, and who need to document their revenue projections.
• Management working on a strategic plan, to get a flavor of future market trends.


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Abstracts of some Economic Forecasts & Analysis

Update of Community Drugstore Sales
Recetas por Menos, Inc.

Community drugstore, Recetas por Menos, Inc., located in Carolina, filed lawsuit against shopping center landlord that evicted it and forced it to relocate. Using econometric models, HCCG forecasted foregone sales that were used to estimate damages.

Forecast of the Puerto Rico economy
PR Economic Pulse

HCCG uses its macroeconomic model to provide three-year forecasts of principal, macro variables in Puerto Rico, such as, GNP, investment, consumption, exports, unemployment, and inflation.

Forecast of Retail Sales and Inflation in Puerto Rico

EBAINC requested detailed two-year forecasts of retail sales and inflation in Puerto Rico. Forecasts were prepared using a time series model together with the firm’s macroeconomic model.