What is Litigation Support?

litigation services

This service aims to help lawyers
1) determine whether damages exist in a tort case, and/or
2) quantify damages in such cases.

We are expert witnesses in local and federal courts.

Who & why use this service?

• In accidental death or disability, we quantify the income lost by a person or his dependents.
• In bankruptcy proceedings, we value individual assets or the whole company.
• In wrongful termination of employment and job discrimination cases, we test whether there was a just cause for termination, and the amount of lost income, if appropriate.
• In business interruption due to situations such as breach of contract,   monopolistic behavior, unfair business practice, among others.
• In Law 75 cases, when a principal has cancelled a distributor agreement, we test whether there was a just (economic) cause to cancel; and absent just cause, we quantify the compensation to be granted to the distributor.


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Abstracts of some Litigation Cases

Comments to Loss of Income Report of Rafael Miranda
Auxilio Mutuo Hospital

In this loss of income case against defendant Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, HCCG evaluated plaintiffs’ expert witness report and developed an alternate estimate of the loss of income of plaintiff.

Estimate of Economic Damages
Raul Benavides

Broker Raúl Benavides filed a claim in FINRA against UBS Financial Services of Puerto Rico for unjust dismissal and discrimination. HCCG prepared claimant’s estimate of economic damages using past and projected salaries, bonuses, and other compensations.

Report on Damages in the Case of Astromundo, Inc. vs. Bart Enterprises
Law firm of Pietrantoni, Méndez & Álvarez

Plaintiffs Astromundo, Inc. and Walter Mercado filed a lawsuit against Bart Enterprises for loss of profits arising from an alleged breach of contract and infringement of trademark. HCCG prepared six alternate scenarios of damages.